Year: 2010-2013
EU Funding Programme: PSP

The European DREAMING teleassistance at home project for the elderly brings together several services, thus enabling the elderly to extend their independent life in their own familiar surroundings while their physical and mental conditions allow it.

The project (distributed throughout 6 European countries) is aimed at providing them with a safety level that is the equivalent of what they would have in a protected environment such as a care home, while offering the possibility of remaining in touch with their loved ones, even while they are not present.

DREAMING includes health monitoring services (thus facilitating the management of chronic pathologies in a domestic environment and reducing the need to rely on expensive hospital care to a minimum) and also monitoring of the environment (by means of environmental sensors) and the management of alarms.



Year: 2013-2016
EU Funding Programme: ICT CSA-SA
Project site: haivisio.eu/

HAIVISIO is an ambitious Coordination and Support Action project aimed at enhancing visibility and awareness of the results generated by eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects, supporting community building around these results, through a series of communication and synergy exploitation activities.

The proposed project invites relevant projects to engage in a collective and synergetic way, identifying best-practices, involving the most active partners and stakeholders and disseminating widely the added value and assets generated from each of these projects. HAIVISIO links and works in tandem with almost all relevant projects funded by the European Commission in an attempt to increase their impact on the society and to bridge the existing gap between ICT research and innovation results in eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living and the routine provision of services to the European citizens.


Year: 2010-2012
EU Funding ProgrammeCIP-PSP
Project Site: www.homesweethome-project.be

HOME SWEET HOME will trial a new, economically sustainable home assistance service which is expected to extend the independent living of elderly people.

HOME SWEET HOME intends to achieve this by providing a comprehensive set of services which support elders in their daily activities and allows carers to remotely assess their ability to stay independent. These service are provided through a state-of-the-art technological platform based on products available off-the-shelf integrated with one another for the purpose of the Project.

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Year: 2010-2013
EU Funding Programme: CIP-PSP
Project Site:http://www.renewinghealth.eu/
RNH Logo

Renewing Health aims at implementing large-scale real-life test beds for the validation and subsequent evaluation of innovative telemedicine services using a patient-centred approach and a common rigorous assessment methodology.

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Sustains LogoYear: 2012-2014
EU Funding Programme: CIP-PSP
Project Sitehttp://www.sustainsproject.eu/

SUSTAINS comprises a rich basket of services based on giving citizens online access to their EHR. The services proposed have been distilled from the experience of regions which have already pioneered such access.

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Year: 2012-2015
EU Funding Programme:
Project Site:
U4H Logo 300x96

United4Health (UNIversal solutions in TElemedicine Deployment for European HEALTH care) aims to reaching new frontiers in the evaluation and deployment of ICT services for the management of people living with chronic diseases in home settings, on a large scale. It uses as a starting point the experience accumulated in the RENEWING HEALTH Pilot A which has similar objectives to United4Health, but a wide range of interventions due to the obligation to start from running pilots.

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