Year: 2014-2017
EU Funding ProgrammeCIP-PSP
Project Site:
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BeyondSilos ( enables the delivery of integrated care to older European citizens to support them to live independent lives within the community by providing the ICT tools necessary to integrate care pathways across organisations and locations, in particular between social and health service providers.

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Year: 2014-2017
EU Funding Programme: CIP-PSP
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The CareWell project ( enables the delivery of integrated healthcare to frail elderly patients through comprehensive multidisciplinary programmes. ICTs are facilitating the coordination and communication of healthcare professionals and supporting patient centred delivery of care at home. The project is supporting the integration of care in six European Regions.

The two CareWell services are based on two pathways supported by ICT:

  • integrated care coordination
  • patient empowerment & home support

CareWell will run for 36 months (Feb-14 to Jan-17) and is funded under the CIP European programme.
In total, the number of users involved in CareWell will be 13.900, of which 860 will be included in the evaluation of the project.

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Year: 2014-2017
EU Funding Programme:
Project Site:
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The MasterMind project aims to make high quality treatment for depression more widely available for adults suffering from the illness by the use of ICT. A major cause of morbidity worldwide, depression is characterised by its high incidence, social cost and proven clinical effectiveness of ICT in its treatment.
Our goal is to assess through implementation at scale (more than 5.000 patient overall) the impact of cCBT (computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and video conference for collaborative care and treatment for depression across 10 EU and Associated Countries.
The project will identify barriers and success factors to implementing the two services on a large scale in different political, social, economic and technical health care contexts and from the perspective of different stakeholders such as patients, professionals and health insurances. We aim to provide recommendations for successful strategies for implementing cCBT and video conference for depression in these different settings.
The project runs from the 1st of March 2014 to the 28th of February 2017 and has a total budget of €14m co-funded by the CIP ICT PSP.

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Year: 2013-2016
EU Funding Programme: CIP-PSPProject
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SmartCare services provide full support to cooperative delivery of care, integrated with self-care and across organisational silos, including essential coordination tools such as shared data access, care pathway design and execution, as well as real time communication support to care teams and multi-organisation access to home platforms. In addition, empowerment to all older people according to their mental faculties to take part in effective management of their health, wellness, and chronic conditions, and maintain their independence despite increasing frailty.
The SmartCare services build on advanced ICT already deployed in the regions, including high penetrations of telecare and telemonitoring home platforms.

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