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HIM SA Team attending the BeyondSilos and Carewell Final Conference

Today HIM SA team is today in Barcelona for attening the BeyondSilos and Carewell Final Conference. Partners are now presenting and sharing their experiences on: evaluation and economic outcomes, predictive modelling methodology approach; easily transferable, high level pathways with solid evidence-base; change management in implementing technology enabled integrated care; and integration matrix for construction of new models for delivery of health and social care. Live streaming of the Conference is available on youtube. Here is the link to follow the speakers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkIRoQYz5Y4&feature=youtu.be



HIM SA Team in Barcelona for MasterMind Final Conference

Marco d'Angelantonio and Reinhard Prior in Barcelona to attend the Final Conference of MasterMind. This project is aimed at making high quality treatment for depression more widely available for adults suffering from the illness by the use of ICT. A major cause of morbidity worldwide, depression is characterised by its high incidence, social cost and proven clinical effectiveness of ICT in its treatment. HIMSA has played a very important role in this project with Reinhard Prior as scientific coordinator of the whole project with a specific role in the development of trial protocols, data monitoring and quality control.  Pedrera


HIM SL new website now online

Health Information Management Spain SL (HIM SL) new website is online now!

HIMSL screenshotHIM SL was established in January 2014 with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, as a fully owned subsidiary of Health Information Management S.A. (HIM SA) of Belgium, to develop new services in the area of and ICT-enabled care. In January 2016, Medical Research & Innovation LP of Greece and Wacomed BV of the Netherlands joined HIM SL as shareholders with a third each of the share capital.The two new shareholders have brought to HIM SL their expertise in evaluation of ICT-enabled care and predictive modelling and change management coaching in the care sector.

For further information about HIM SL please see www.him-sl.eu


SmartCare Final Conference

A two day SmartCare Final Conference will be held in Trieste (Italy) on 6th and 7th July 2016.
The SmartCare final event is divided in two main activities, a full-day public conference on 6th July, and a half-day workshop and site visit (for SmartCare partners only) on 7th July. This final event aims at sharing the experiences of the regions involved in the deployment of ICT-supported integrated care pathways from local policies/issues to an EU level and sphere of influence.

For further information: SmartCare News


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