About us

Health Information Management S.A.(HIM SA) was incorporated in 1997 by Marco d’Angelantonio, who intended to pursue through the new company a successful career in the management of eHealth projects funded by the EU and to capitalise on the network of contacts that these projects provide to develop new business ideas.
MdA risezedSince its incorporation, the Company has accumulated an impressive track record of successful projects and has become known in the European eHealth arena for its competence and understanding of different healthcare systems in place in the EU member States.
HIM SA has been a pioneer of Ambient Assisted Living and since the early 2000’s has invested with fellow companies in building one of the most advanced and comprehensive platform for supporting the independent living of older people and chronic patients. The platform is today installed in 13 European countries in the context of both EU funded projects and commercial contracts and support more than 1.000 older persons and chronic patients for living a better and more independent life.

HIM SA has earned a reputation for excellent management of projects in multicultural and multilingual environments and has won an unrivalled reputation among European SMEs for its understanding and innovative approach to independent living supported by information and communications technologies.

It is has also co-invested with other European SMEs and private investors to create a network of companies in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain specialised in other areas of eHealth such as:

  • solutions for the computerisation of operating rooms and intensive care units
  • specialty teleconsultation networks
  • predictive modelling for eHealth interventions
  • change management coaching
  • ex-post evaluation of eHealth interventions

Through its Spanish subsidiary Health Information Management Spain S.L., HIM is also a member of the MAST EEIG (European Economic Interest Group)

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